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A New Bridge and other fanciful tales

Celbridge is going through a phase of significant change, from being a village in the Dublin commuter belt to a true suburb.  The village identity is changing and the boundaries between Celbridge and the neighbouring areas of Maynooth, Leixlip, Lucan and Adamstown are blurring as they grow into each other. 

In my first photobook, ‘A New Bridge and other fanciful tales’ I aim to record this time and explore how these changes are impacting the fabric of the place and the people who live there.

The series attempts to contrast the hope and excitement that newcomers to Celbridge are feeling – from the opportunity to own their own home and the promise of investment in public services and infrastructure – with the fear and scepticism expressed by many locals who are concerned about the population growth and who don’t believe that the services will follow. 

The work focuses on documenting signs of progress, development and change in Celbridge.

In June 2023, a selection of images from ‘A New Bridge and other fanciful tales’ featured in the NCAD CEAD Works 2023 exhibition. The work also featured on the NCAD Works 2023 online gallery and on the Source Graduate Photography 2023 gallery.